Fast Fashion: Is Slowing Down Possible?

Fast Fashion: Is Slowing Down Possible?

Fast fashion brands have made pledges to reduce their environmental impact, however many of these goals are not specific and lack a clear timeline for implementation. Companies must take responsibility for their environmental impact and set realistic goals that are closely monitored. #Fashion #Sustainability #EnvironmentalImpact 🌎💚 Las marcas de moda rápida han hecho promesas para reducir su impacto ambiental, sin embargo, muchas de estas metas no son específicas y carecen de una línea de tiempo clara para su implementación. Las empresas deben asumir la responsabilidad de su impacto ambiental y establecer metas realistas que se monitoreen de cerca. #Moda #Sostenibilidad #ImpactoAmbiental 🌎💚
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