Heatwave Hits Northwest Territories: EC Warns

Heatwave Hits Northwest Territories: EC Warns

Environment Canada reported record-breaking temperatures in the Northwest Territories this week, with temperatures exceeding 30 degrees Celsius in some communities. The prolonged heat wave has left many without power and air conditioning, and some communities have implemented a heat alert. #HeatWave #NWT #EnvironmentCanada 🔥🌡️🌡️ Environment Canada informó temperaturas récord en los Territorios del Noroeste esta semana, con temperaturas superiores a 30 grados Celsius en algunas comunidades. La prolongada ola de calor ha dejado a muchos sin energía y aire acondicionado, y algunas comunidades han implementado una alerta de calor. #OlaDeCalor #TNO #EnvironmentCanada 🔥🌡️🌡️
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