NL Oil Claims: Scientists Debunk 'Low-Carbon' Claim

NL Oil Claims: Scientists Debunk 'Low-Carbon' Claim

The Newfoundland and Labrador government states its offshore oil is low carbon, but scientists disagree, saying that such a product does not exist. This is based on the fact that burning oil releases harmful carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. #lowcarbonoil #carbonemissions #oilindustry 馃馃様El gobierno de Terranova y Labrador afirma que su petr贸leo offshore es de bajo carbono, pero los cient铆ficos desacuerdan, diciendo que ese producto no existe. Esto se basa en el hecho de que quemar petr贸leo libera di贸xido de carbono da帽ino a la atm贸sfera. #petroleobajocarbono #emisioesdecarbono #industriadepetroleo 馃馃様
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