"Petro: Worst Crime of Our Time is False Positives"

"Petro: Worst Crime of Our Time is False Positives"

-latin-america Venezuelan President Nicol谩s Maduro recently denounced the false positive cases reported during the coronavirus pandemic, which he called "the worst crime of the 21st century". Maduro also criticized the lack of accurate information about the pandemic and its effects. #COVID19 #Venezuela #FalsePositive 馃が馃槧 El Presidente de Venezuela, Nicol谩s Maduro, denunci贸 recientemente los casos de falsos positivos reportados durante la pandemia de coronavirus, a los que llam贸 "el peor crimen del siglo XXI". Maduro tambi茅n critic贸 la falta de informaci贸n precisa sobre la pandemia y sus efectos. #COVID19 #Venezuela #FalsosPositivos 馃が馃槧
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