Port Strike Illegality Confirmed by Minister

Port Strike Illegality Confirmed by Minister

Labour Minister Harry Bains has declared the Port of Vancouver strike illegal and has promised to end the disruption of the port's operations. The unionized workers at the port are protesting against their employer, Port Metro Vancouver, and its refusal to negotiate a fair collective agreement. #VancouverPort #LabourDispute #FairAgreement 😠🤝🤔 El Ministro del Trabajo Harry Bains ha declarado ilegal la huelga en el Puerto de Vancouver y ha prometido acabar con la interrupción de las operaciones del puerto. Los trabajadores sindicalizados del puerto protestan contra su empleador, Port Metro Vancouver, y su negativa a negociar un acuerdo colectivo justo. #VancouverPort #DisputaLaboral #AcuerdoJusto 😠🤝🤔
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