Roe V. Wade Overturned: Abortion Divides States

Roe V. Wade Overturned: Abortion Divides States

The Supreme Court of the US has overturned their landmark Roe vs Wade ruling which legally protected access to abortion in the US. This decision has been widely criticised by pro-choice advocates, who fear that the lack of protection for abortion rights will lead to a patchwork of state laws governing the procedure. The ruling has caused a divide between states, with some passing more strict and restrictive laws while others have taken steps to protect abortion rights. #AbortionRights #USSupremeCourt #RoeVSWade 馃馃 El Tribunal Supremo de los EE. UU. ha revocado su hist贸rica decisi贸n Roe vs Wade que proteg铆a legalmente el acceso al aborto en los EE. UU. Esta decisi贸n ha sido ampliamente criticada por los defensores del derecho al aborto, quienes temen que la falta de protecci贸n para los derechos al aborto conduzca a una variedad de leyes estatales que gobiernen el procedimiento. La decisi贸n ha causado una divisi贸n entre los estados, con algunos a
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