Worker Dies in Airport Mishap While Moving Luggage

Worker Dies in Airport Mishap While Moving Luggage

A worker at Montreal's Trudeau International Airport has died in an accident while attempting to dislodge a piece of luggage. The worker was trying to unload a baggage container when it got stuck and the worker was unable to disengage from the container. The incident is currently being investigated and the Montreal Airport Authority has expressed condolences to the worker's family. #TrudeauInternationalAirport #WorkerSafety #Montreal Un trabajador del Aeropuerto Internacional Trudeau de Montreal ha fallecido en un accidente mientras intentaba desprenderse de una maleta. El trabajador intentaba descargar un contenedor de equipaje cuando se atascó y el trabajador no pudo desconectarlo. El incidente se está investigando y la Autoridad del Aeropuerto de Montreal ha expresado sus condolencias a la familia del trabajador. #AeropuertoInternacionalTrudeau #SeguridadLaboral #Montreal 💔😢😢
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