Goals Over Tech: Arteta's Arsenal Battle for Victory

Goals Over Tech: Arteta's Arsenal Battle for Victory

SpanglishNewsNetwork 🗞️⚽️ Mikel Arteta expresses frustration over VAR controversy as Arsenal suffers 2-0 defeat against West Ham United 📱💔 #MikelArteta #Arsenal #WestHamUnited #VARControversy #TechnologyGoneWrong #FootballWoes #ThursdayNightDefeat #PremierLeagueStruggles 🚫😡 Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta has slammed the absence of technology on Thursday night as his team faced yet another VAR controversy during their disappointing 2-0 loss to West Ham United at home. The lack of modern assistance left the Gunners feeling frustrated and helpless. 💔🔴⚒️ #FrustratedBoss #UnfairCalls #ModernTechnologyNecessary

En Español: 🗞️⚽️ Mikel Arteta expresa frustración por la polémica del VAR mientras Arsenal sufre derrota 2-0 contra West Ham United 📱💔 #MikelArteta #Arsenal #WestHamUnited #ControversiaVAR #TecnologíaFallida #ProblemasDeFútbol #DerrotaJuevesNoche #LuchasDeLaPremierLeague 🚫😡 El jefe del Arsenal, Mikel Arteta, criticó la falta de tecnología el jueves por la noche, ya que su equipo se enfrentó a otra controversia del VAR durante su decepcionante derrota 2-0 ante West Ham United en casa. La ausencia de asistencia moderna dejó a los Gunners frustrados e impotentes. 💔🔴⚒️ #JefeFrustrado #DecisionesInjustas #TecnologíaModernaNecesaria

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