Covid-19 shows social inequalities in Brazil and kills 2 in Bolivia

Covid-19 shows social inequalities in Brazil and kills 2 in Bolivia

SpanglishNewsNetwork📰🔍 New study reveals impact of COVID-19 in Brazil! 🇧🇷😷 According to 🏥 National School of Public Health, Brazil's socioeconomic disparities influenced the outcomes for COVID-19 patients. 💔😞 Meanwhile, Bolivia 🇧🇴 has reported 2 deaths since joining Mercosur. Stay informed! #COVID19 #Brazil #Bolivia #Disparities

En Español: 📰🔍 ¡Nuevo estudio revela impacto de COVID-19 en Brasil! 🇧🇷😷 Según la Escuela Nacional de Salud Pública 🏥, las disparidades socioeconómicas de Brasil han influido en los resultados de los pacientes de COVID-19. 💔😞 Mientras tanto, Bolivia 🇧🇴 ha reportado 2 muertes desde su ingreso a Mercosur. ¡Mantente informado/a! #COVID19 #Brasil #Bolivia #Disparidades

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