Desperate Delta Family: Eviction Looms as Mother Battles Cancer

Desperate Delta Family: Eviction Looms as Mother Battles Cancer

SpanglishNewsNetwork 📰 Breaking News: Kim Kenal, 💁‍♀️ her 80-year-old mother 👵, and her adult daughter with a disability ♿️ are facing an urgent eviction⏳! They've been given an ultimatum to move out by the end of January ❄️. This heart-wrenching story 🥺 highlights the struggle many families face in finding stable housing🏡. Let's rally together and show our support using #HousingCrisis 😥🏚️. Share if you believe everyone deserves a safe and secure home 🤝💙. #EvictionNotice #FamilyStruggles #SupportNeeded

En Español: 📰 Última hora: ¡Noticias de último momento! Kim Kenal, 💁‍♀️ su madre de 80 años 👵 y su hija adulta con discapacidad ♿️ están enfrentando un desalojo urgente⏳. Se les ha dado un ultimátum para mudarse antes de finales de enero ❄️. Esta historia desgarradora 🥺 resalta la lucha que muchas familias enfrentan al buscar vivienda estable 🏡. Unámonos y demostremos nuestro apoyo usando #CrisisDeVivienda 😥🏚️. Comparte si crees que todos merecen un hogar seguro y protegido 🤝💙. #AvisoDeDesalojo #LuchasFamiliares #ApoyoNecesario

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