Campus Food Pantry Inspires TWU Students' Cookbook!

Campus Food Pantry Inspires TWU Students' Cookbook!

SpanglishNewsNetwork "📚✨ College success requires hard work, dedication, and something often overlooked: food. Texas Woman's University student Alexandra Mack recognized this and started working with Minerva's Market 🛒, an on-campus food pantry. Inspired by pantry items, she created two cookbooks 📖🍳 tailored for college students on a budget. Let's raise awareness about student hunger! #CollegeSuccess #FoodInsecurity #CookbookInspiration #MinervasMarket #TWUStudents"

En Español: 📚✨ El éxito universitario requiere trabajo duro, dedicación y algo que a menudo se pasa por alto: la comida. Alexandra Mack, estudiante de la Universidad de Texas para Mujeres, reconoció esto y comenzó a colaborar con Minerva's Market 🛒, una despensa de alimentos en el campus. Inspirada en los productos de la despensa, creó dos libros de cocina 📖🍳 hechos a medida para estudiantes universitarios con presupuesto limitado. ¡Vamos a crear conciencia sobre la inseguridad alimentaria de los estudiantes! #ÉxitoUniversitario #InseguridadAlimentaria #InspiraciónParaCocinar #MinervasMarket #EstudiantesTWU

What would Jesus say about this: Jesus Christ would likely emphasize the importance of caring for others and feeding the hungry, as seen in the Bible when he fed the multitude with fish and bread. He might encourage people to follow Alexandra's example of compassion and generosity, offering support to those facing food insecurity in college.

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