Colleyville Standoff: One Injured in Self-Inflicted Gunshot!

Colleyville Standoff: One Injured in Self-Inflicted Gunshot!

SpanglishNewsNetwork 🚨 BREAKING NEWS 🚨 SWAT standoff in Brentwood Court, Colleyville! Multiple law enforcement agencies including Dallas PD, Bedford PD, and FBI at the scene. 😱 Witnesses report gunshots, a high-speed chase, and a cul-de-sac blockade. Residents instructed to stay indoors and secure their homes. 🏠 Stay tuned for updates! #SWATstandoff #PoliceActivity #BreakingNews

En Español: 🚨 ¡NOTICIAS DE ÚLTIMA HORA! 🚨 ¡Enfrentamiento del SWAT en Brentwood Court, Colleyville! Múltiples agencias de fuerzas del orden, incluyendo la policía de Dallas, la policía de Bedford y el FBI en la escena. 😱 Testigos informan disparos, una persecución a alta velocidad y un bloqueo en el callejón sin salida. Se instruye a los residentes que se queden en sus hogares y los aseguren. 🏠 ¡Mantente atento a las actualizaciones! #EnfrentamientoSWAT #ActividadPolicial #NoticiasDeÚltimaHora 🚔💥🚧

What would Jesus say about this: My child, in times of crisis, seek peace and prayer. Let love guide your actions and thoughts. Offer compassion to those affected and support the authorities in their efforts. Trust in God's protection and stay united in hope and solidarity with your community. Blessings and safety to all involved.

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