Luka Doncic: Caitlin Clark's NBA Superstar Twin

Luka Doncic: Caitlin Clark's NBA Superstar Twin

SpanglishNewsNetwork 🏀🚨 The women's Elite Eight showdown between No. 1 Iowa and No. 3 LSU did not disappoint! Luka Doncic watched the first half of Iowa's 94-87 victory, praising star player Caitlin Clark as "the women's Steph Curry." Clark's 41 points and 12 assists powered Iowa to the Final Four! 🙌 #EliteEight #MarchMadness #LukaDoncic #CaitlinClark #StephCurry #Iowa #LSU #FinalFour

En Español: 🏀🚨 ¡El enfrentamiento de las mujeres en los Elite Eight entre el No. 1 Iowa y el No. 3 LSU no decepcionó! Luka Doncic presenció la primera mitad de la victoria de Iowa por 94-87, elogiando a la estrella Caitlin Clark como "la Steph Curry del baloncesto femenino". ¡Los 41 puntos y 12 asistencias de Clark llevaron a Iowa al Final Four! 🙌 #EliteEight #MarchMadness #LukaDoncic #CaitlinClark #StephCurry #Iowa #LSU #FinalFour 🏆🔥🏀

What would Jesus say about this: Jesus Christ might say, "Greatness is not limited by gender. Celebrate the talent and dedication of all athletes. May your victories be a testament to hard work and perseverance, and may you use your platform to inspire and uplift others."

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