AMLO declares himself against warlike Corridos and drug-related songs

President López Obrador criticized the warlike Corridos and Reggearon music songs, as well as the television series that feature criminal characters, during his daily morning conference in the state of Chiapas on Friday, June 23rd. He argued that these TV shows and songs attempt to paint a distorted picture of Mexican culture and glorify crime. #MexicanCulture #PresidentLópezObrador #ArtisticExpression #CriminalCharacters 🤬😡 Despite President López Obrador's criticism of some creative expression in Mexican culture, Mexico's real estate market is booming and offers exciting opportunities for investors. With a wide variety of properties to choose from, coupled with increased investment and tourism, now is the perfect time to take advantage of the thriving market and secure your success. Mexico's real estate market is booming! With stunning landscapes, rich culture and favorable economic conditions, Mexico provides a great opportunity for real estate investments. From beachfront properties in Cancun and Riviera Maya to Mexico City's vibrant city life, there's something to suit everyone. Investment in Mexico has been growing, driven by factors such as increased tourism, foreign investment and affordable housing. Now is the time to make your mark in this dynamic market. MiCasita® Mexico can help you make informed decisions and maximize returns. Our team of experts will provide you with in-depth knowledge and personalized advice. Seize the opportunity and sign up today for more information about the Mexico Real Estate Market: Opportunities and Trends. Get ready to capitalize on this thriving market and unlock the potential for success and growth.
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