Ayotte Runs for NH Governor: New Race Begins

Ayotte Runs for NH Governor: New Race Begins

English: Former US Senator Kelly Ayotte has announced that she will be running for Governor of New Hampshire. Ayotte is a former Republican senator and she is running with a platform of fiscal responsibility and job growth. #NewHampshireGovernor #JobGrowth #FiscalResponsibility 🗳️🤝✅ Spanish: El ex senador de Estados Unidos, Kelly Ayotte, ha anunciado que se presentará como gobernador de Nuevo Hampshire. Ayotte es un ex senador republicano y se está postulando con una plataforma de responsabilidad fiscal y crecimiento de empleo. #GobernadorDeNuevoHampshire #CrecimientoDeEmpleo #ResponsabilidadFiscal 🗳️🤝✅
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