Bishop Quits amid Abuse Cover-up Allegations

Bishop Quits amid Abuse Cover-up Allegations

A German bishop has resigned after taking responsibility for the abuse scandal that took place in his diocese. He is the first German bishop to resign in such a manner. The allegations of sexual and physical abuse are still being investigated and the bishop has apologized to the victims. #AbuseScandal #Resignation #Apology 🙏 Un obispo alemán ha dimitido después de asumir la responsabilidad por el escándalo de abuso que tuvo lugar en su diócesis. Él es el primer obispo alemán en dimitir de esta manera. Las acusaciones de abuso sexual y físico siguen siendo investigadas y el obispo se ha disculpado con las víctimas. #EscándaloDeAbuso #Renuncia #Disculpa 🙏
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