Christie: GOP Needs Quick Trump Opponent

Christie: GOP Needs Quick Trump Opponent

English summary: Chris Christie, a former governor of New Jersey, has said that the Republican Party needs a presidential candidate who can quickly oppose Donald Trump in the upcoming election. Christie said that the party needs to move on from the Trump era and focus on its future. #Christie #RepublicanParty #TrumpEra 🗳️ 🗞️ Spanish summary: Chris Christie, ex gobernador de Nueva Jersey, ha dicho que el Partido Republicano necesita un candidato presidencial que pueda oponerse rápidamente a Donald Trump en las próximas elecciones. Christie dijo que el partido necesita pasar de la era de Trump y centrarse en su futuro. #Christie #PartidoRepublicano #EraTrump 🗳️ 🗞️
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