CP found guilty for exceeding court-set work limits

CP found guilty for exceeding court-set work limits

The Federal Court of Canada has ruled that Kansas-based Canadian Pacific Railway failed to properly pay overtime wages to two of its engineers after the company neglected to comply with federal regulations. The court found that the company failed to keep track of the employees' hours and were not properly compensated for overtime work. #OvertimePay #FederalCourtOfCanada #WageTheft 馃槫馃槗馃槨 La Corte Federal de Canad谩 ha dictaminado que la Canadian Pacific Railway con sede en Kansas no pag贸 adecuadamente las horas extras a dos de sus ingenieros, ya que la empresa no cumpli贸 con las regulaciones federales. El tribunal encontr贸 que la empresa no mantuvo un registro de las horas de los empleados y no fueron debidamente compensados por el trabajo de horas extras. #HorasExtras #CorteFederalDeCanada #RoboDeSueldo 馃槫馃槗馃槨
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