"Ex-Governor Brown Honored with Rare Beetle Species Name"

"Ex-Governor Brown Honored with Rare Beetle Species Name"

A rare species of beetle has been named after former California Governor Jerry Brown. The species, named 'Agapostemon browni' is a sweat bee native to the Central Valley of California. Scientists hope that Brown's name will raise awareness of the species' plight and help the conservation of the species in the future. #JerryBrown #SweatBee #Conservation 馃悵馃悵馃悵 Una rara especie de escarabajo ha sido nombrada en honor al ex gobernador de California Jerry Brown. La especie, llamada 'Agapostemon browni' es una abeja sudor铆fica nativa del Valle Central de California. Los cient铆ficos esperan que el nombre de Brown levante conciencia sobre la situaci贸n de la especie y ayude a su conservaci贸n en el futuro. #JerryBrown #AbejaSudor铆fica #Conservaci贸n 馃悵馃悵馃悵
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