"Gladys Bentley: Breaking Barriers in 1920s Harlem"

"Gladys Bentley: Breaking Barriers in 1920s Harlem"

English: Gladys Bentley was an American singer and pianist who performed during the Harlem Renaissance. Her unique style of singing combined blues and popular music. Born to a middle-class African-American family in Philadelphia in 1907, Bentley's talent as a pianist was recognized at an early age. She moved to New York at age sixteen and gained popularity during the Harlem Renaissance. Bentley's style of dress and her performances, which included a mix of blues and popular music, challenged gender norms of the time. She was openly lesbian and her lyrics often reflected themes of love and acceptance. Bentley continued to perform until her death in 1960. #GladysBentley #HarlemRenaissance #LGBTQ 🎶 🎹 Español: Gladys Bentley fue una cantante y pianista estadounidense que actuó durante la Harlem Renaissance. Su estilo único de cantar combinaba blues y música popular. Nacida en 1907 en una familia afroamericana de clase media de Filadelfia, el talento de Bentley como pianista fue reconocido a una edad tempr
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