Judge OKs Anonymous Jury for Trump Rape Lawsuit

Judge OKs Anonymous Jury for Trump Rape Lawsuit

A US judge has allowed an anonymous jury to hear the rape lawsuit against former US President Donald Trump. The suit was filed by writer E. Jean Carroll, who claims that Trump raped her in the 1990s. The jury has been anonymous to protect them from possible harassment or intimidation. #DonaldTrump #AnonymousJury #EJeanCarroll 🔒🤦‍♀️Español: Un juez de los Estados Unidos ha permitido un jurado anónimo para escuchar la demanda de violación contra el ex presidente de los Estados Unidos, Donald Trump. La demanda fue presentada por la escritora E. Jean Carroll, quien afirma que Trump la violó en la década de 1990. El jurado ha sido anónimo para protegerlos de posibles acosos o intimidaciones. #DonaldTrump #JuradoAnonimo #EJeanCarroll 🔒🤦‍♀️
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