Massive Man-Made Quake in Alberta: Study Finds

Massive Man-Made Quake in Alberta: Study Finds

A recent study indicates that the largest recorded earthquake in Alberta was caused by oil sands wastewater injection. This man-made earthquake measured 4.6 on the Richter scale and was felt in Fort Chipewyan, Alberta. The wastewater disposal has been linked to other earthquakes in the area. 馃敆 #AlbertaEarthquake #ManMadeEarthquake #OilSands 馃挜馃挜馃挜 Un estudio reciente indica que el terremoto m谩s grande registrado en Alberta fue causado por la inyecci贸n de aguas residuales de arenas petrol铆feras. Este terremoto artificial midi贸 4,6 en la escala de Richter y fue sentido en Fort Chipewyan, Alberta. La disposici贸n de aguas residuales se ha relacionado con otros terremotos en la zona. 馃敆 #TerremotoAlberta #TerremotoArtificial #ArenasPetrol铆feras 馃挜馃挜馃挜
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