Mom fury o'er murderer's claim Amanda Zhao may be alive

Mom fury o'er murderer's claim Amanda Zhao may be alive

Amanda Zhao's mother, Li Zhao, is outraged after her daughter's killer, Adam Picard, claimed the 18-year-old might not be dead. Picard is serving a life sentence for the 2009 murder and Zhao's family is in shock that he would make this claim. Li Zhao, who has been struggling to cope with her daughter's death, says she is more hurt by Picard's comments than she would have been if he had killed an animal. #AmandaZhao #MotherLoves #JusticeForAll 💔😡La madre de Amanda Zhao, Li Zhao, está furiosa luego de que el asesino de su hija, Adam Picard, afirmara que la joven de 18 años podría no estar muerta. Picard está cumpliendo una pena de por vida por el asesinato de 2009 y la familia de Zhao está en shock por los comentarios de Picard. Li Zhao, quien ha estado luchando para lidiar con la muerte de su hija, dice que sus comentarios la hirieron más que si
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