Rachel Humphreys: Trans Musician Who Revolutionized '70s Music

Rachel Humphreys: Trans Musician Who Revolutionized '70s Music

English Rachel Humphreys was a transgender woman who was an important part of Lou Reed's life. She was his muse and a great source of inspiration for his music. Rachel was the only person who could understand Lou Reed's difficult moments. Together, they created music that inspired generations and changed the way people think about gender and music. Rachel and Lou Reed were a great team and their music will remain forever in history. #TransRights #MusicLegacy #IgualdadDeGénero 🎶🎙 Spanish Rachel Humphreys fue una mujer transgénero que formó parte importante de la vida de Lou Reed. Ella fue su musa y una gran fuente de inspiración para su música. Rachel era la única persona que podía entender los difíciles momentos de Lou Reed. Juntos crearon música que inspiró generaciones y cambió la forma en que la gente piensa acerca de género y música. Rachel y Lou Reed fueron un gran equipo y su música perman
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