Roof Ripped Off Mercedes-Benz at Regent Park

Roof Ripped Off Mercedes-Benz at Regent Park

A severe windstorm in Toronto caused severe damage to a Mercedes-Benz dealership located in Regent Park. The storm blew off the dealership's roof, and damaged several of the cars located inside. No injuries have been reported. #Windstorm #Toronto #MercedesBenz 馃槺馃槱馃尓 Una fuerte tormenta en Toronto caus贸 graves da帽os a un concesionario de Mercedes-Benz ubicado en Regent Park. La tormenta arranc贸 el techo del concesionario y da帽贸 varios de los autos ubicados dentro. No se reportan lesiones. #Tormenta #Toronto #MercedesBenz 馃槺馃槱馃尓
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