Trump Indictment: What You Need to Know Now

Trump Indictment: What You Need to Know Now

Donald Trump has been indicted in New York on charges of tax fraud and insurance fraud. The Manhattan district attorney has opened a criminal investigation into Trump's business practices and is accusing him of falsifying business records. Trump has denied any wrongdoing, and his lawyers are fighting the charges. #DonaldTrump #Fraud #Taxes 😠😡😞 Donald Trump ha sido acusado en Nueva York por fraude fiscal y seguros. El fiscal del distrito de Manhattan ha abierto una investigación criminal sobre las prácticas comerciales de Trump y lo acusa de falsear documentos comerciales. Trump ha negado cualquier acto delictivo y sus abogados están luchando contra los cargos. #DonaldTrump #Fraude #Impuestos 😠😡😞
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