Exciting News: San Antonio's First Crisis Nursery!

Exciting News: San Antonio's First Crisis Nursery!

SpanglishNewsNetwork 📰 Exciting news! San Antonio is taking steps to create an overnight shelter for children at immediate risk of abuse or neglect. 🤗 This initiative aims to provide a safe haven for those in need. Let's support #SanAntonioCrisisNursery and ensure a brighter future for our community's children. 🏠💙 #ChildWelfare #SupportChildren #MakingADifference

En Español: 📰 ¡Noticias emocionantes! San Antonio está tomando medidas para crear un refugio nocturno para niños en riesgo inmediato de abuso o negligencia. 🤗 Esta iniciativa tiene como objetivo brindar un refugio seguro para aquellos que lo necesiten. Apoyemos a #SanAntonioCrisisNursery y aseguremos un futuro más brillante para los niños de nuestra comunidad. 🏠💙 #BienestarInfantil #ApoyoAlosNiños #HaciendoLaDiferencia

What would Jesus say about this: Jesus Christ would likely show compassion and support for the initiative, emphasizing the importance of caring for vulnerable children. He might encourage others to rally behind the effort, demonstrating love and generosity toward those in need.

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